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"We all deserve to live our best lives, to invest in ourselves and practice self-nurturing; when we take care of ourselves we live in the moment, we appreciate small pleasures and we radiate a vibrant energy that brings us, and those around us, closer to health and happiness".

Maria Hilliard


Motherhood Wellness Coach

Helping women feel

Most people know me as the Postnatal Recovery Coach. I help mums alleviate postnatal symptoms, rehabilitate their bodies and regain their confidence following pregnancy and birth.


I have studied with some of the UKs most prominent training providers allowing me to design a holistic method of recovery that is safe, effective and transformative.


This is the same method that I used to heal myself of Diastasis recti, disconnected core, urinary incontinence, pore posture and it’s how I’ve helped other mums rebuild their bodies and thrive throughout motherhood.

My Story

My postnatal recovery journey of discovery

What you may not know about me is that after I had my first baby I had to heal from a 3rd degree perineal tear, diastasis recti, disconnected core, urinary incontinence, perpetual mummy tummy and musculoskeletal aches and pains due to poor alignment.


I tried the random exercise videos and tid bits of information that I had gathered from the internet. But I was not improving my symptoms, in fact, I was making some of them worse and setting my recovery backwards. Basically, I was confused, frustrated and still suffering.

I learned that trying to wing it, piece together a solution and combine a mish mash of different strategies was not only ineffective, but was actually causing more harm than good and wasted a lot of time and energy leaving me frustrated. What I needed was specialist guidance that would allow me to holistically heal my body safely and effectively, rather than fixing one problem only to worsen another.


I also realised that prioritising my needs and accepting the reality that self-nurturing is a necessity- not a luxury, was the key mindset shift that transformed my approach and commitment to my wellness and wellbeing journey.

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Finding the solution

How I healed myself and built a stronger body & mind

So, I studied and trained with some of the most prominent educators in women’s health and devised a cutting- edge method, based on science-backed strategies that holistically nurtured, healed and supported myself through postnatal recovery.


And by the time I was pregnant with my second daughter I was well equipped to sail through my pregnancy and postnatal recovery with ease and assurance as I had an effective and clear method to follow.

This meant that I was fitter, stronger, happier and more body confident much sooner. And most importantly, I was not at all worried about my postnatal recovery journey as I knew that I had all of the wellness and lifestyle strategies in place to navigate it effectively with awareness and clarity.

In fact, I wished that I had invested in a proper postnatal programme in the first place as it would have given me peace of mind and saved all of that confusion, time, worry and lack of confidence.

My mission to help you

Reclaim your strength, stamina, and vitality for life!

This is why I do what I do, because too many mums are struggling with long term postnatal symptoms such as incontinence, diastasis recti, poor posture, musculoskeletal aches and pains, excess body fat and lack of body confidence. Because they don’t know the strategies that truly work.


So, I help them rehabilitate their bodies, alleviate their symptoms, and build a self-nurturing lifestyle by providing a complete holistic postnatal programme. So, they can feel fitter, happier, more confident and in control of their postnatal recovery journey.


 Training & Certifications

Nutritional Therapist Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor Professional Diploma Level 6 (YMCA endorsed & IICT approved)

Detox Specialist Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

AfN Certified Nutrition Course Level 3 & 4 

Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for Post Natal Healing & Recovery

Advanced Sleep Management Advisor Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Stress Management Advisor Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Womens Holistic Health Coach (Yoga Alliance CPD)

Womens Circle Facilitator (IPHM)

Strategic Life Coach Practitioner CTAA

CBT Coach Practitioner CTAA

Life purpose coach practitioner CTAA

Personal Transformation Breakthrough Coach CTAA
Solution Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner CTAA

Mindfulness Diploma Level 3 IAHT

Mindfulness Teacher Certification CSA

Meditation Practitioner/Teacher CTAA

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training & Emersion

Yin Yoga Teacher Training & Emersion

Professional Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Diploma CTAA

YMCA Certificate in Personal Training Level 3 

YMCA Pre and Postnatal Exercise Instructor Level 3 

CYQ ETM Level 2 

CYQ Gym Instructor Level 2 

CYQ Circuits Instructor Certification Level 2 

YMCA Kettlebell Level 2 

YMCA Suspension training Level 2 

Advanced CPD in Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise & Birth Preparation Programming. Burrell Education

Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming. Burrell Education

3rd Age Woman GLOBAL ON-LINE Certification – Peri to Post Menopause Wellness Coaching. Burrell Education

Barre, Bone and Balance Strong. Burrell Education

Diastasis Detective – Solving the Mystery of Fixing Abdominal Separation. Claire Mockridge

DRUMZY Advanced Dancers Certification 

JWAAD Foundation in Teaching Middle Eastern Dance

PTTLS Level 4 City & Guilds 

Mental Health First Aid

First Aid at Work 

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