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Maria Hilliard
Womens Wellness Coach

Helping women achieve their personal vision of health, wellbeing and vitality

Most people know me as the Womens Wellness Coach. I help women embed healthy lifestyle habits and make mindset shifts that transform their lives, throughout all of their vital life stages.


I have studied with some of the most prominent training providers across a wide range of health, wellness and wellbeing strategies, allowing me to design a truly holistic method of lifestyle medicine that is safe, effective, transformative and deeply nurturing.


This is the same method that I have used to support myself physically, mentally and spiritually to recover from two miscarriages; experience two healthy pregnancies and births; rebuild and heal my postnatal body; thrive as a busy mum, navigate my way through perimenopause naturally and create a career that serves and nurtures women.

It’s how I’ve helped other women realise their potential for wellness, transform their bodies, minds and spirit and reconnect with themselves.

My Story

My personal journey of healing and discovery

What you may not know about me is that before I had my first baby I suffered a heart wrenching miscarriage, after which, I began a journey of self-nurturing to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and boost my fertility. Thus began my exploration into preconception and fertility health.


During my 2nd pregnancy I signed up to be part of a nutritional study and committed to nourishing my body and unborn baby as best I could.

I naturally became interested in prenatal health and wellness and started to explore various strategies including prenatal nutrition, prenatal yoga, meditation, visualisations, affirmations and breathwork.


Following my daughters birth I had to heal from a 3rd degree perineal tear, diastasis recti, disconnected core, urinary incontinence, perpetual mummy tummy and musculoskeletal aches and pains due to poor postural alignment. 

I tried to piece together a solution from information that I had gathered from the internet- combining a mish mash of different strategies, but I was not improving my symptoms, in fact, I was making some of them worse and setting my recovery backwards. Leaving me feeling frustrated, confused and still suffering.

What I needed was specialist guidance that would allow me to holistically heal my body safely and effectively, rather than fixing one problem, only to worsen another.

So, I broadened my education and experience to specifically support perinatal and postnatal recovery.


Following the natural birth of my second daughter I bounced back from pregnancy and birth much quicker, as I knew exactly what lifestyle practices would best support me this time around throughout the entire preconception, pregnancy and postnatal recovery stages.

However, I was then launched from breastfeeding straight into perminenopause (I was 43yrs old) and started to experience a myriad of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms that started to effect every aspect of my life and detrimentally impacted on my perception of self and my roles as a mother and partner.

And so began my deep exploration into perimenopause and menopausal transition, to complete my own personal journey as a woman, as well as to fulfil my professional development and training as a womens wellness lifestage coach.

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Finding the solution


How I transformed myself and nurtured a healthier body, mind and soul

So, over the years I studied across many pillars of wellness and trained with some of the most prominent educators in women’s health, hormone health, nutritional therapy, functional fitness, bellydance, sleep optimisation, stress management, re-framing anxiety, mindset, mindfulness, behaviour change, spiritual wellbeing, lifestyle medicine and holistic healing.


By combining these pillars of health, I devised a cutting-edge method of wellness planning, that is based on science-backed strategies, which holistically nurtured, healed and supported me through my various life stages.


Throughout all of my professional trainings and explorations the common thread throughout them, was realising that prioritising my needs and accepting the reality that self-nurturing is a necessity- not a luxury, was the key mindset shift that transformed my approach and commitment to my personal wellness and wellbeing journey.

It is the main factor that enabled me to create the time, energy, resources and mindset to establish the self-nurturing practices that supported me throughout preconception, pregnancy, postnatal recovery and perimenopause.

It has also become the cornerstone for my professional approach that enables me to co-create a transformational coaching partnership with you. Empowering you to feel motivated, committed and excited to prioritise your own health and wellbeing and reclaim your vitality for life.

My mission to help you

Reclaim your health, confidence, and vitality for life!

This is why I do what I do, because too many women are struggling with detrimental health issues, such as: stress overload, anxiety, disrupted sleep, loss of confidence, loss of sense of self, poor gut health, excess body fat, toxic overload, incontinence, diastasis recti, poor posture, musculoskeletal aches and pains, restricted mobility, dysfunctional breathing patterns, poor physical fitness, lifestage symptoms.

Because they don’t have a self-nurturing wellness plan in place, and they don’t know the transformational holistic strategies that truly work to help them reclaim their health and wellbeing during various life stages.


So, I help women like you define their personal vision of health and wellbeing, set clear and achievable goals, explore the strategies, practices and tools that help them make healthy lifestyle changes, and make mindset shifts that transform their lives.  


So, they can feel fitter, healthier, happier, calmer, more confident and in control of their health and wellbeing journey and more aligned to their true selves.


I am here to help you, and I can’t wait to meet you!


Maria Hilliard

"We all deserve to live our best lives,

to invest in ourselves and practice self-nurturing.

When we take care of ourselves we radiate a vibrant energy that brings us, and those around us, closer to health and happiness".

 Training & Certifications

Nutritional Therapist Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor Professional Diploma Level 6 (YMCA endorsed & IICT approved)

Detox Specialist Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

AfN Certified Nutrition Course Level 3 & 4 

Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for Post Natal Healing & Recovery

Advanced Sleep Management Advisor Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Advanced Stress Management Advisor Professional Diploma Level 5 (IICT approved)

Womens Holistic Health Coach (Yoga Alliance CPD)

Womens Circle Facilitator (IPHM)

Strategic Life Coach Practitioner CTAA

CBT Coach Practitioner CTAA

Life purpose coach practitioner CTAA

Personal Transformation Breakthrough Coach CTAA
Solution Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner CTAA

Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare Professionals PESI

Mindfulness Diploma Level 3 IAHT

Mindfulness Teacher Certification CSA

Meditation Practitioner/Teacher CTAA

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training & Emersion

Yin Yoga Teacher Training & Emersion

Professional Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Diploma CTAA

YMCA Certificate in Personal Training Level 3 

YMCA Pre and Postnatal Exercise Instructor Level 3 

CYQ ETM Level 2 

CYQ Gym Instructor Level 2 

CYQ Circuits Instructor Certification Level 2 

YMCA Kettlebell Level 2 

YMCA Suspension training Level 2 

Advanced CPD in Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise & Birth Preparation Programming. Burrell Education

Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming. Burrell Education

3rd Age Woman Global Online Certification – Peri to Post Menopause Wellness Coaching. Burrell Education

3rd Age Woman Menopause Transition Online certification Evergreen. Burrell Education

Meno Strength. The A-Z of strength programming for the Midlife Female Client. Burrell Education

Barre, Bone and Balance Strong. Burrell Education

Diastasis Detective – Solving the Mystery of Fixing Abdominal Separation. Claire Mockridge

DRUMZY Advanced Dancers Certification 

JWAAD Foundation in Teaching Middle Eastern Dance

PTTLS Level 4 City & Guilds 

Mental Health First Aid

First Aid at Work 

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