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Health & Wellness Coaching 

You deserve a structured, progressive and effective  health and wellness programme to help you achieve your goals and maximise your health and vitality.

Your programme will be bespoke to best suit your individual needs and personal vision of health and wellbeing.

During your coaching sessions we can cover a combination of different health and wellbeing topics, to provide a holistic whole person approach, or we can take a deep dive into a particular topic that you wish to focus on.

As your coach, I am here to motivate, educate, support and empower you on your journey. I will help you define your goals, draw upon your strengths, change your behaviour and embed new habits so that you can make positive lifestyle changes that will maximise your potential for wellness.

Together we will explore various evidence-based, science-backed strategies, tools and resources that cover all of the main pillars of wellness. So that you can access the strategies that are the most effective and powerful for you.

 I specialise in holistic health and wellbeing including: nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep optimisation mindset, self-perception and behavioural change.

I also specialise in Womens health and wellness throughout life stage transitions. This means that I am here to help you no matter what stage of life you are going through, whether that be preconception, pregnancy, postnatal recovery, perimenopause or post menopause.

I look forward to working with you!

Do you want to transform your life?

Do you want to nurture yourself, improve your self-confidence, self-worth and feel empowered?

Do you want to shift negative thoughts, and challenge the beliefs that are holding you back in life?

Do you want to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing? 

Do you want to boost your motivation, commitment and ability to transform your life? 

Do you want to change your behaviour and be supported through the process?

Do you want to better manage, alleviate, reduce or eradicate problematic symptoms?

Do you want to be fitter, stronger, more flexible, coordinated and enjoy moving your body?

Do you want to ditch the fads, bypass the myths and use science backed strategies that get you results?

Do you have a specific wellness or fitness goal that you would like personalised help and support achieving?​

Are you ready to enhance your vitality and make positive lifelong changes?

Would you like support during a life stage?

Pregnant Woman Working Out
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Prenatal & Birth Preparation Coaching

Bespoke PT Sessions & programming

Functional core training

Pelvic floor preparation

Strength & stamina training

Maintenance & regressive programming

Release & mobilisation routines

Nutrition for pregnancy

Nutrition for breastfeeding

Pregnancy lifestyle advice

Birth preparation strategies

Stress management

Optimising sleep

Postnatal lifestyle preparation

Mindful meditations

Lifestyle advice 

Staying in Shape

Postnatal & Motherhood Coaching

Bespoke PT Sessions & Programming

Postural check 

Breath & Core connection check

Diastasis Recti check

Myofascial Release & mobilisation  

Pelvic floor & Core recovery

Diastasis Recti diagnosis & healing

Strength & stamina training

Nutrition for healing 

Nutrition for breastfeeding

Nutrition for weight loss

Stress management

Self-nurturing & restoration

Mindful meditations

Lifestyle advice 

Achieve your goals online course

Woman in Yoga Studio

Perimenopause & Menopause Coaching

Bespoke PT Sessions & programming

Re-imagining the menopause 

Balancing hormones

Optimal nutrition

Stress management strategies

Mindfulness practices

Optimising sleep

Strength training

Mobility & flexibility training

Cardiovascular & interval training

Balance & dance fitness 

Cognitive resilience

Self-nurturing mindset

I focus on helping you define your goals, and identify strategies to support you through, prenatal, postnatal, perimenopausal and post menopausal life stages, and all of the stages in between.

You will have the option to receive a  combination of coaching, education, instruction and support to empower you to be your best self and make lifelong changes.

We can focus on the following wellness themes:

Mindset, motivation, self nurturing, self-love, self-worth & self-confidence

Self-awareness, self-knowledge & mindfulness

Emotional intelligence & emotional resiliency

Stress management & reframing anxiety

Sleep optimisation, rest & restorative strategies

Functional exercise, myofascial release & enjoyable creative movement 

Well-balanced nutrition, gut health for weight loss or weight gain & optimal healthy eating habits

Holistic Lifestyle detoxification

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