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The only holistic fat loss programme that you will ever need to lose fat and reap health benefits for life!
Fat loss can be notoriously difficult to achieve and maintain. It can be a struggle that lasts for years, often involving yo-yo-dieting, fad diets, restrictive meal plans, frustration, lack of body confidence and increased risk of disease.
But what if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way? 
What if I told you that in just 12 weeks you can learn the secret to fat loss by embedding a unique combination of the most effective, scientifically proven fat loss strategies into your life, in an easy, manageable, step-by-step holistic process.
I invite you to join me Fat Loss For Life- the only fat loss programme that you will ever have to buy to learn the secret recipe for fat loss and transform your body into a fat burning machine!

Who is this programme for?

Are you ready to ditch the fad diets, stop counting calories, get rid of stubborn fat and be expertly guided through a transformative and empowering fat loss lifestyle makeover? Do you want to.......

  • Know exactly what factors contribute to your bodyfat and how you can reduce them in easy steps?

  • Stop dieting and ditch the latest weight loss fad that is not sustainable or enjoyable.

  • Lose unhealthy excess bodyfat and reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease?

  • Understand why weight loss is hindering your progress and why fat loss should be your focus instead?

  • Create a healthy metabolism that protects you from developing metabolic disease?

  • Improve your body shape and feel more confident about how you look?

  • Lose fat so that you can wear what you want to and feel comfortable in it?

  • Learn which nutrition and eating habits you can change to fuel your body without putting on fat?

  • Enjoy revitalising, joyful, fun exercise routines designed to specifically support fat loss?

  • Indulge in blissful restorative yoga sessions that calm your nervous system and support your fat loss journey?

  • Understand why stress is hindering your fat loss journey and learn powerful stress management strategies?

  • Curb your eating habits and gently guide yourself towards better eating habits using psychology of eating?

  • Learn how to correctly detox your body to kickstart your fat loss?

  • Boost your gut health and micribiome so that you more effectively burn fat and process nutrients.

  • Understand why fat loss is more effective and powerful than weight loss?

  • Create your own beautiful bespoke morning ritual, night-time ritual and self-nurturing routine.


If your answer is yes then this Fat Loss For Life programme is for you!

It is suitable for any woman who wants to lose fat for health, asthetic or confidence reasons.

It is not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding  

Successful fat loss can transform your life!

 Give yourself the opportunity to live better!

When you lose bodyfat you become healthier, more physically able, more confident in your own body and you develop lifelong healthy habits. 
End your struggle with fat loss, get ready for fat loss lifestyle transformation and reap the benefits!

How this programme will help you

​This wellness programme is specifically designed to teach you the essential fat loss strategies that you need to know.

You will experience a truly enlightening approach to fat loss by learning exactly which holistic aspects of lifestyle changes affect fat loss the most, how they work and why you should be doing them to optimise your results.

You will be guided through a step-by step process to apply the most effective nutrition, movement, mindset and lifestyle strategies into your daily life. So that by the end of 12 weeks you will have them all firmly embedded so that you can start reaping the benefits of effective fat loss. 

You will be empowered to take charge of your fat loss journey, to know exactly what you should be doing, why you are doing it, track your pogress and achieve your fat loss goals. 


This programme will positively transform your life!

Fat Loss Masterclass

Fat Loss Strategies 

  1. Intermittent fasting & time restricted eating

  2. Strength training

  3. Detoxification to boost fat loss

  4. Cardio & interval training

  5. Gut health & boosting your microbiome

  6. Stress & cortisol reduction

  7. Clean eating, whole foods plant based

  8. Sleep optimisation

  9. Portion size & calorific intake

  10. Mindful eating & the psychology of eating

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  1. Genetics, body-type, medical history & lifestage

  2. Tracking progress: physical & mental

  3. Fat loss goal setting

  4. Fat loss success mindset

The ultimate fat loss programme 
Helping you ditch the diets, embed fat loss strategies and turn your body into a fat burning machine!

The programme includes:

1 online orientation & preparation pack
2 Fat Loss Strategy Theory Lectures
12 fat loss Strategy Assignment Workshops
12 Fat Loss Mindset Lectures
12 Fat Loss Mindset Assignment Workshops
12 Fat burning Workouts 
3 Fat loss Mindset Guided Meditations
50 Delicious Recipes
2 x 7 Day Meal Plans
1 Workbook
Facebook Support group with live inetraction

Take a look inside the programme

Imagine what this programme can do for you......

  • Empower you to finally reach your fat loss goals with a strategies that you can use for life!

  • Finally ditch the dieting mentality and enjoy nutrient dense delicious meals.

  • Quit spending money on ineffective diet food, diet supplements and fad solutions.

  • Eliminate confusion over which fat loss strategies actually work.

  • Provide a simple step-by-step guided process so that you know exactly what to do.

  • Provide delicious recipes, preparation and cooking tips to support your healthy eating fat loss journey. 

  • Bring joyful empowering movement into your life through easy-to-follow at fat loss workouts: Barre Balance, Dynamic Yoga, Metabolic HIIT and Strength Training.

  • Build a fitter, stronger, more capable body that you can proud of and enjoy enjoy moving your body.

  • Protect your cardiovascular and metabolic health and reduce your risk of developing certain cancers.

  • Teach you powerful mindset, habit & eating psychology techniques to set you up for success.

  • Guide you to create your own bespoke holistic Fat Loss lifestyle so that you can continue your journey.

  • Teach you the most effective goal setting, tracking, progression and reward strategies so that you are set up for success.

This programme is a perfect blend of holistic strategies, that when combined, give you ultimate fat burining results!

Enabling you to ditch the usual fat loss strategies.


     None of this:

Sluggish metabolism that readily stores fat 

Calorie counting

Highly processed meal substitutes 

Off-limit foods 

Expensive weight loss supplements

Boring cardio workouts

Expensive gym memberships 

Emotional eating

Stress eating

More of this:

Fat buring metabolism that burns fat even while you sleep

Simple recipe equations to create tasty meals

Real nutrient dense ingredients & food

Fun 30 minute exercise routines

Healthy relationship with food

Stress management 


Who am I and how can I help you?

Hi my name is Maria Hilliard. 
I started my own fat loss journey after I  stopped breast feeding my second daughter.
Following 2 births and entering the perimenopause years meant that my body changed the way that it burned and stored fat.
So, I embarked on a journey to discover the most effective no-nonsense, science backed fat loss solutions for women.
Fortunately my background as a holstic wellness specialist has allowed me to see the bigger holistic picture-often overlooked.
That is why I am so proud of this programme as includes the vital elements to fat loss perfectly pacakged together making it the ultimate fat loss solution for women.

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By-the-way, I am also a Women Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist, Fat Loss Specialist, Group Exercise Instructor, Perimenopause Specialist, Pre/Postnatal specialist, Yoga Instructor, Barre Instructor and Bellydance Instructor.  

So you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

The holistic method that I teach is the same holistic method that I apply to my clients and my own life to get results. It will empower you to make the positive lifestyle changes that will maximise your potential for wellness and wellbeing so that you can achieve fat loss in a way that is safe, healthy, fun and long-term!

Yes, You can do this!

Yes, You can totally end your struggle with fat loss and ditch the yo-yo dieting and fad weight loss trends. Because I will be empowering you with science-backed strategies that actually get you long-term results.
Yes, You can be that super-confident, self-loving, body positive woman with a healthy metabolism, nourishing eating habits and a lifestyle that supports fat loss. Because now you know that there is a solution, it's right here and it's within your grasp. 
Yes, You can treat yourself to this premium programme even if it means ditching the weekly magazines & daily coffees, selling some junk on ebay, hinting for an early birthday gift or begging someone who loves you to hook a sista up. Because you know that this is the only holistic fat loss programme that you will ever need to purchase to set you up for lifelong fat loss success. 

You can do this because I believe that deep inside you is the desire to transform your life! 

Get the results that you desire

Would you rather keep struggling with fat loss?

Or would you rather take the complete holistic approach that will guide you through the process, get you results and positively transform your body, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle, all in one neatly packaged solution so that you can finally be fit, healthy and body confident?

You can have all of that and transform your life, or you can go it alone and hope that you stumble across the right solutions

When you compare this programme to other fat loss solutions there is truly nothing else out there that truly covers fat loss from a holistic perspective. Fat loss for Life includes so many scientifically proven strategies that are inextricably interlinked to your fat loss success. 

Even hiring a Nutritional Therapist or Personal trainer would not get you these same resources and results (unless of course that person was me) and it would cost you more than twice the cost of this programme.
You could spends months trialing the latest fad diet, reading books/scientifoc papers, wasting money on supplements and still not get the results that you seek or have access to the recipes, workouts, meditations, mindset coaching, workbook all specially designed to get you the results that you need.

So do yourself a favour. Invest in yourself. Do this programme and unlock the keys to life long fat loss and weight management!

Why should you choose this programme? 

Are you wondering exactly how this is different from the other fat loss solutions out there? Well this is the only holistic fat loss programme that:

  • Is truly holistic and covers over 10 different fat loss strategies. 

  • Teaches you the whys, whats and hows, so that you truly understand why you are doing something and hence are more likely to do it.

  • Contains a safe and expertly designed fat loss boosting workouts: Yoga, Barre balance, metabolic HIIT & strength training routines.

  • Understands that mindset and eating psychology are a huge part of embedding successful fat loss habits and provides guidance that set you up for success.

  • Supports your journey with a beautiful workbook to ensure that you embed the strategies that will improve the quality of your life.

  • Contains behaviour changing guided meditations based to support your fat loss habits.

  • Guides you to take ownership for your fat loss and teaches how you how to progress.

  • Provides nutrient dense, delicious recipes so that you nourish your body, enjoy your meals all whilst losing fat.

  • Is reasonably priced, especially when you consider the priceless worth of the lifelong transformations that you will enjoy.

Make your wellness and wellbeing a priority, put yourself first, for a change, and reap the benefits!

So what are you waiting for?

If you are not convinced by now that this programme has the power to positively change your life then I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

Simple White Text on Photo Flowers Insta

Do I want to take control of my fat loss and understand the exact strategies that will boost my fat loss?

Do I want to be rid of ineffective diets and yo-yo results?


Do I want to build a slimmer, stronger more sculpted body?

What is my health, wellness and wellbeing worth?

Am I happy to stay in my current state or am I ready to invest in myself?

Sign up now and enhance your recovery!

Just like you, I am a savvy spender. I know that it can be hard to find the resources to spend on yourself, that is why I have priced this life transforming programme so reasonably.


You can get this amazing programme for just £360

(or 6 monthly installments of £60)

So don’t struggle on alone, re-write your journey and embrace your perimenopause years with grace and vitality!

Ooh and I almost forgot to mention that we have a 7 day money Back Guarantee. 

So there is no risk!  How awesome is that?

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know that this programme can totally transform your life and that the benefits it provides are priceless. But I also understand that making a decision to invest in yourself can sometimes feel like a strange new habit. 

So I want you to rest assured that if you purchase the programme and decide, within 7 days, that it is not for you, then you will receive a no-quibble refund as part of our 7 day money-back guarantee. You just need to let me know why you think that it is not going to work for you.

Just send an email to: within 7 days of purchase.

Get ready for the new improved you!

Imagine yourself 6 months from now- you have completed this programme. You have slimmed down and shed fat. You feel fantastic knowing that you finally have control of your fat loss goals and that you have firmly embedded habits that mean fat loss is easy, enjoyable and no longer a struggle. 

What's more, you also feel better in yourself; you have more energy, are fitter, stronger and more physically capable. You love to move your body and you enjoy uplifting exercise which is now part of your  self-nurturing routine.

You feel healthier as you know that your liver has detoxed, your gut is healthier, your body is well nourished and primed for burning fat and that you have reduced the risk of developing fat related diseases.


You enjoy getting dressed because everything fits better, feels more comfortable and you are proud of your fitter, healthier body.

You ​enjoy food, live life and don't feel deprived all whilst making decisions that support your fat loss journey.

And at the end of the day you rest assured knowing that you now have a toolbox of fat loss strategies that not only result in fat loss but also improved wellness, improved health and a deeper sense of self-nurturing and self-love towards yourself. 

This could be your life after Fat Loss For Life!

Here's what will happen when you join

Sign Up

Within minutes of you joining you will receive a welcome email in your inbox that will provide you with the programme access details and link to your online orientation & preparation pack.

be supported

Join the private Facebook Support Group, submit questions for the weekly Q&A sessions and connect with other women.

feel amazing!

As you are guided to apply the strategies, use the workbook and start to make lifestyle changes you will start to see results and shed fat.


How does it work?
The programme is delivered entirely online, so once you purchase the programme you will receive an email that will provide you with the link to the programme portal and another link to join the exclusive Facebook Support Group. 
You will immediately receive access to your online orientation pack which will provide everything you need to know about the programme and what you need to do to prepare for week 1.
The content is delivered in batches each week. So you will then receive an email each week outlining the content for that week.
Each week I will deliver one piece of theory via live video (you can watch it later if you miss the live) and you will complete the rest of the weeks content and assignments on your own before the week ends.
I will pop into the FB group to answer questions, provide reminders and support several times per week. 
Do I have to have a certain fat loss goal to benefit from this programme?
No, you can use this programme whether you want to to lose 1lb or 100lbs of fat. So long as your goal is healthy sustianble fat loss and you are willing to commit to making lifestyle changes then this programme will be of benefit to you.
I have already tried countless diets and fat loss programmes will this programme be of help to me?
Yes, this programme is will absolutely help you. Most fat loss diets/solutions do not take into account the fact that fat loss does not happen in isolation. In order to maximise your potential for fat loss you need to address several different elements of wellness all together. Each one is vital and when used alone it will get your some results but will not get you the most powerful transformation.
Fat Loss for Life is the only programme that combines this unique blend of wellness elements applied through scientific theory, lifestyle strategies, wellness resources, guided meditations, recipes, workouts, workbooks, coahing and live support to ensure your success.
I am currently working with a dietition, nutritionist or medical professional to manage my fat loss/weight. Can I still do this programme?
This programme is designed to teach you fat loss strategies and help you embed them. It is not to be used to replace the advice or prescription of any bespoke medical/nutritional professional that you are already working with. If you are thinking of joining this programme then you are advised to please consult with your medical/nutritional professional first and defer to their advice first and foremost.
What do I do once the 12 week programme is finished?
This aim of this programme is to teach you the essential strategies that will result in fat loss. By the end of the 12 weeks you will know exactly why and how to apply them to your life and you will already have started embedding them. Following the programme you will be prepared to continue your journey alone.
However, if you would still like to work with me for accountability, further progressive guidance or bespoke fat loss coaching then you can sign up for bespoke Fat Loss Coaching/Wellness Coaching/Personal Training membership.
How do the recipes & meal plans work? Do I have to follow them?
The recipes and meal pans are suggestions. They are there for you to use if you would like more guidance and structure with your nutrition but they are not prescriptive. The aim of this programme is to teach you how to design, plan and prepare your own nutrient dense recipes and meal plans to suit your tastes, preferences and lifestyle so that you can confidently and independently manage your nutrition without having to adhere to a particular diet or meal plan.

How do the exercise routines work?

There are 10 exercise routines specifically designed to suit the perimenopause phase of life:

2 x Full body strength training workouts

2 x Metabolic HIIT workouts

2 x Barre balance workouts

2 x Restorative yoga sessions

2 x Dynamic Yoga sessions

These are delivered as realtime videos for you to work out alongside. The instructions are clear and contain options for progression or modification.

You also have a written workout guide (PDF) to outline the content of each workout 

What equipment do I need to be able to do the exercise routines?
The routines use minimal equipment however you will need the following to get you started:
  • Full size exercise or yoga mat

  • Pair of 1-3KG dumbbells 

  • Pair of 5kg dumbbells or a 10kg kettlebell 

These can be fixed weight or adjustable dumbbells. As you gain strength and endurance you may wish to increase the weights 

How do I use the workbook?

The workbook will help you to apply the theory and embed the strategies that you learn into your everyday life. It is a downloadable PDF which can be printed. Each chapter coincides with a module on the programme. You are advised to work through the corresponding workbook chapter alongside or after watching the video. 

How will I find the time to work through the programme?

The programme  content is delivered in weekly batches so you can work through it step-by-step and have time to implement the new assignments each week. 

Fat loss is about making daily lifestyle habit changes so you will need to commit at least 8-10 hours per week to go through the programme contents and complete your assignments.

Will I receive support during the programme?

Yes. When you purchase the programme you will receive an email confirmation that will invite you to join an exclusive, members only, support and social group. I will pop into the group several times per week to:

  • Deliver 1 live piece of theory content per week 

  • Respond to queries and questions

  • Post reminders about your weekly assignments

  • Do a weekly live Q&A for any questions that people may wish to submit in advance or live

You are encouraged to interact within the group and connect with other women on the programme but please feel free to use it or not as best suits you.

The content is amazing and I know someone who would really benefit from it too. Can I share the content with her?

I am overjoyed that you wish to empower another woman and are keen to share this invaluable knowledge. However, I am also keen to protect the investment of you, other women who have purchased the programme and of myself, as a small business owner. So, if you find the content valuable then I would ask that you please do not share the content and instead encourage others to invest in their wellness by purchasing it themselves. It is also often the case that when someone invests their own money in a resource they are much more likely to use it and reap the benefits.

What if I purchase the course and change my mind, can I return the programme and get a refund?

There is so much value in this programme that I am certain you will benefit from. 
However, I want you to be happy and have peace of mind. So if you change your mind, then I will issue you a full refund within 7 days of purchase. If you can let me know why the programme will not work for you.

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