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Wellness Workshops

Womens wellness workshops suitable for various life stages and wellness goals.

These workshops are delivered as a face-to-face group presentation and will cover a specific topic or holistic approach to wellness. They can be delivered at a venue of your choice or a venue can be arranged for you.

They can be booked by individuals, groups or organisations. 

The workshop can be delivered as a talk/lecture or include interactive elements and the content can be adjusted to suit varying lengths.

Bring a pen and writing pad!

​These workshops are specifically designed to educate, answer questions, provide effective strategies and share resources so that women are empowered to understand, navigate and manage their own way successfully through a particular life stage or achieve a wellness goal. 

The content covers a holistic approach to wellness including relevant topics such as anatomy, physiology, hormones, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, mindfulness and self-nurturing. Content will draw from effective, no-nonsense strategies and the latest research. No myths and fads-just honest, powerful, evidence based information. After this workshop women will have an understanding of what is happening with their minds and body, and be able to make informed decisions and initiate positive, supportive and effective lifestyle changes.

The following workshops are currently offered

Please contact me if you would like a workshop designed on a specific topic that is not listed here

Puberty wellness workshop

Preconception wellness workshop

Prenatal wellness workshop

Postnatal wellness workshop

Perimenopausal wellness workshop

Post menopause wellness workshop

How it works


Bespoke workshop design 

  • Contact Maria to discuss your requirements: topic, duration, location, date, no. of participants etc.

  • You will receive a bespoke workshop agenda, to suit your requirements along with a quote and the terms and conditions. 

  • Once you have approved the agenda and agreed to the terms and conditions payment in full will be due.

  • Once you have paid your booking will be confirmed.

  • A digital copy of any power point slides or handouts will be made available to you after the presentation. If you require them beforehand then they can be made available.

A set package or a combination of the services below can be scheduled

30 minute talk  

1hr talk (including Q&A) 

30 minute exercise session 

1hr exercise session 

1hr Workshop: 30 mins talk + 30 mins interactive exercise/movement session

2hr Workshop: 1 hour talk + 1 hour interactive exercise/movement session or

      two 30 mins talks with two 30 min exercise sessions

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