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Restorative Yoga Workshop

Do you want to slow down, quieten your mind and just be in the moment?

Do you want to experience deep relaxation and peacefulness?

Would you like to balance your nervous system and alleviate stress?

Do you want to increase your mobility and flexibility whilst working harmoniously with your body?

Do you want to improve your capacity for healing and boost your immune system?

Would you benefit from the self-awareness, mood enhancement and the peacefulness of guided meditation?

Do you want to achieve all of this whilst enjoying relaxing music?

Then this workshop is for you! 


This Restorative Yoga Workshop will allow you explore a multitude of beneficial yogic elements.

It will combine combine grounding exercises such as breathing and chanting with core connection and pelvic floor activation. 

We then raise our vibrations and benefit from vocal resonance expression through chanting.

Free flowing guided moving meditation will allow you to explore your body, in circles waves and gentle flow as you indulge in moving meditation.

We then draw our focus to the precision of vinyasa flow and build heat in the body as we explore rhythmic  sequencing

Finally we give ourselves permission to rest deeply as we indulge in restorative poses and open our hearts and minds to guided meditation

A final awakening exercise and revitaliser will ensure that we are ready to leave feeling rested, restored and revitalised

Please note that this Yoga workshop is not suitable suitable during pregnancy

This 90min workshop will include the following elements:

Breathing, pelvic floor connection & chanting

Moving meditation

Vinyasa flow

Restorative yoga

Guided meditation

All elements and technique is broken down so that it is easy to learn, and follow hence no previous experience is necessary. This Yoga class is taught with a focus on correct anatomical transitions to activate your deep core fascial line and protect your joints.

Please wear comfortable form fitting clothes and be prepared to exercise barefoot or in pilates/yoga socks.

Your Instructor is here to help and support you. If you have any questions please get in touch online, arrive early or linger afterwards for a chat. If you have any special considerations please ensure that you disclose them as soon as possible to your instructor. 

Prior to class you will complete the following:

Heath, fitness & lifestyle screening PAR Q online form


Restorative Yoga Workshop £15

Sunday 28th July 2019 5:00pm-6:30pm

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