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Join me for this workshop and I'll help you....

          Understand how sugar negatively affects your health.

          Help you identify your intrinsic drive so that you can quit sugar.

          Learn exactly which sugars are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and identify hidden sugars in food.

          Choose alternative foods and habits to add healthier sweetness to your life.

          Reset your palate so that you can ditch your sweet tooth.

          Rewire your desire for sweet treats, so that you have less cravings, and more control.

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We will cover how to...
  • Visualise your personal transformation pathway so that you are deeply motivated to take action and be committed to quitting sugar.

  • Uncover your personal relationship with sugar and sugar fuelled habits, so that you can unpack your sweet tooth triggers.

  • Carry out a kitchen audit, create a shopping list and compile a meal plan to make sugar free consumption much tastier and easier.

  • Reframe your sugar reward responses so that sugar is much less appealing to you

Dates & Times

Save your seat and show up for the live workshop and get everything you need to get off of the sugar rollercoaster.

I’m running the workshop twice, so you can choose which day is best for you (or you can attend both and take double the notes!).


Thursday 2nd December 2021 6pm-8pm GMT

Monday 6th December 2021 10am-12pm GMT

Can’t join me live? Lifetime access to the workshop replay is included in your ticket.

The workshop will include:

  • Informative videos that explain the theory of sugar consumption so that you know exactly why you should quit sugar and how to do it.

  • A Step-by-step guide & workbook to help you take cumulative steps to make quitting sugar realistic and achievable.

  • A useful ‘Good & bad’ sugars cheat sheet so that you know exactly which sugars to avoid and what to replace them with.

  • 15 healthy sweet treat recipes so that you have healthy alternatives and don’t feel deprived.

  • BONUS: a guided hypnosis audio MP3 to help you unpack your subconscious sugar responses and fast track your break-up with sugar.

  • BONUS: a live Q&A after the workshop where you can submit questions live or in advance (the replay will be available afterwards).

  • BONUS: a pop-up Facebook Group where you can have support, be inspired and ask questions.

How to save your seat

  1. Click here to open the registration page where you can enter your payment info. This will register you for the workshop & officially save your seat.

  2. Watch your inbox for your confirmation email, which will include Zoom links, extra details, and a chance to make a special request for any content that you’d like me to cover in the workshop.

  3. Add the workshop to your calendar!  Thursday 2nd December 2021 6pm-8pmGMT.  And/or Monday 6th December at 10pm-12pmGMT. 

 Quit Sugar & Ditch Your Sweet Tooth for just £27

Bookings for this live workshop are now closed but it will soon be available as a recorded workshop, so subscribe for further details.

Who am I and how can I help you?

Hi,  I'm Maria Hilliard. 

I'm a holistic Womens Wellness Coach and educator with a passion for all things related to health, movement, nutrition, mindfulness, mindset and much more. 

I am blessed to have a wonderful family and be a mother to two amazing daughters who keep me highly entertained and on my toes! In fact they inspired my mission to help women just like you.
I've always had a passion for wellness and wellbeing but it was boosted even more, during my personal lifestage journeys of fertility, pregnancy, postnatal recovery and perimenopause.

I'm committed to discovering the most effective no-nonsense, science backed, holistic wellness & wellbeing solutions so that we can all progress our wellness together. 

This is my true passion- to uncover the truth, dispel the myths, ignore the fads, make the science simple and empower you with transformational strategies that truly work and improve your life.

So come join me, I can't wait to meet and work with you!

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By-the-way, I am a Women Wellness Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Advanced Clinical Weightloss Practitioner, Detox Specialist,  Peri/Postmenpause Specialist, Pre/Postnatal Specialist, Advanced Fertility Nutrition Advisor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher, Advanced Stress Management Advisor, Advanced Sleep Management Advisor, Group Exercise Instructor, Barre Instructor and Bellydance Instructor. 
So, you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

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