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The perfect self-nurturing gift for you or a loved one

Relax, destress and unwind with our soothing weighted eye pillow that has been designed to help you deepen your self-nurturing, meditative or yoga practice.


Yoga Eye Pillow Benefits

A Beautiful handmade weighted eye pillow with delicate Lavender & Patchouli scent to calm, soothe and aid relaxation.


  • The gentle acupressure on the eyelids helps to stimulate the Vagus nerve and bring about a sense of peace and calm.
  • Whilst the shielding from light helps to reduce external stimuli, turn the focus inwards and hence aid relaxation.
  • Great for general relaxation, sleep aid, meditation or for use as a yoga eye pillow.



For a comforting warming experience the pillow can be warmed on a radiator or popped in a microwave for up to 20 seconds. Remember to check that the eye pillow is a safe temperature and not too hot before use.



For a refreshing cooling experience the pillow can be placed in a ziplock bag and put in the freezer for 30-90mins.

This can help to relieve headaches, sinus pain or tired, strained eyes.


Organic grade aromatherapy oils: Lavender & Patchouli.

Approximate size: Length 23-25cm, Width 10cm

Approximate weight: 180-195grams (to protect eye health)

Filling: organic linseed/flaxseed

The outer cover is 100% cotton and is removable and washable at 30 degrees centigrade

The inner fabric is 100% cotton and cannot be removed or washed

Yoga Eye Pillow: Lavender & Patchouli, Pale Blue

  • To wash: remove outer cover and wash at 30 degrees centigrade. Do not wash the inner filled pillow.

    To heat: place on a radiator for 15 minutes or in a microwave for 20 seconds (always check temperature is not too hot before using).

    To cool: place in a ziplock bag in freezer for 30-90 minutes.

    To refresh scent: place 3-4 drops of skin grade essential oil onto the inner filled pillow.

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