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How Intermittent Fasting can help you live longer

Did you know that how often you eat can affect your longevity?

We have long been told that small frequent meals will help boost our metabolism, stave off hunger and balance our blood sugar but in fact the opposite is true.

There are so many myths, fads and untruths surrounding the nutrition industry. For years we have been misled by the food production companies and adopted eating habits that are actually counter intuitive and often, downright unhealthy.

This has lead to many global health issues that can be directly related to nutrition and eating habits such as diet confusion, overfeeding, malnourishment, an increase in metabolic disease, imbalanced hormones and obesity.

That is why I am determined to ensure that the methods and strategies that I coach and advocate are based on proven science and provide effective, safe and sustainable options for women like you and me.

My aim is to get you the results that you need and desire in the simplest, safest way possible. After all, who needs more complications in life?

So, when I was trying to solve the problem of how to balance hormones to optimise fat loss I was ecstatic to discover that intermittent fasting not only provides the foundation for this approach, but also provides a multitude of other benefits too that support women’s health.

So, what is intermittent fasting?

It’s quite simply, a time restricted eating pattern wherein you extend your natural overnight fasted state and eat all your calorie containing meals/snacks/drinks within a set ‘eating window’. There are various patterns and the approach can be flexible to fit around real life. That means that you can still enjoy social occasions which makes this a truly sustainable lifelong wellness habit.

Now don’t let my use of the word calorie put you off-there is absolutely no calorie counting involved. In fact, Intermittent fasting is a simple, no-fuss strategy that you can easily embed to optimise your eating habits and boost your health, without getting fixated on unnecessarily complicated diet strategies.

In short, it is not a diet but rather a lifestyle shift that supports your natural physiological imperative.

What are the benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

What’s more, there are so many potential benefits that you may experience, as it positively affects so many interlinked hormones and processes within the body including:

  • Hormone production & sensitivity

  • Gut health, digestion & metabolism

  • Fat loss and weight management

  • Brain health & cognitive function

  • Body composition & the associated health risks

  • Detoxification, Cellular renewal & age prevention

How does Intermittent Fasting promote longevity?

But first let’s consider the evolutionary evidence as to why intermittent fasting lifestyle is best suited to us as women. Firstly, as humans we operate on a circadian rhythm and digestive system that works best when we nourish our bodies during short windows of daylight hours and then rest during evening and nighttime hours. This puts us in synch with our natural, diurnal biological eating pattern.

By adjusting the time that we eat and the duration of our eating window, to a time-restricted pattern, we support our inherent physiology and stimulate other beneficial physiological processes that improve our health and wellness.

You can also vary the pattern throughout the month to best support hormonal health during your menstrual cycle or a particular life stage, such as perimenopause or post menopause.

One of the benefits is the potential for life extension, and we all know that time is the most important resource we have. When we are in a fasting state our body ramps up it’s inherent ability to heal, repair and carry out vital anti-aging physiological processes.

It does this via several mechanisms, and in particular a process known as autophagy, wherein the body cleans up damaged cells and regenerates new healthy cells which provides a slew of benefits such as:

  • Reduction of inflammation and inflammatory diseases

  • Protection from free radicals, oxidative stress and less damage to cellular DNA

  • Removal of waste, damaged cells and

  • Accelerated DNA and cellular repair

  • Favourable expression of genes that promote longevity

So, just by modifying when you eat you can reduce your risk of developing disease and boost your longevity-how amazing is that?! And you can reap all of these benefits without having to drastically restrict calories or impose unrealistic dietary demands on your eating habits.

Transitioning to intermittent fasting has changed my life, it has helped me: sleep more soundly, wake up feeling energised, improve my focus, rebalance my hormones, lose stubborn postnatal & perimenopausal belly fat and rejuvenate my skin. Making this small change to my eating has positively affected my life in so many invaluable ways and I hope that it will for you too!

The Solution

So, I have created an online course ‘Intermittent Fasting For You’ to guide you through a step-by step process to safely transition to intermittent fasting, so that you can reap the benefits too!

This online course is specifically designed to help you learn everything you need to know in order to transition safely to intermittent fasting. You will be guided through the process via explanatory videos, a detailed workbook, and a guided meditation.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the benefits of Intermittent Fasting

  • Have the motivation to commit to dietary change

  • Design your personal Intermittent Fasting pattern and meal plan

  • Know how to successfully transition to Intermittent fasting

  • Know how to support your efforts to ensure it's a long-term success

Check it out and kickstart your intermittent fasting journey: Intermittent fasting For You


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