Nutritional Coaching

Bespoke coaching to optimise your eating habits, 


This bespoke nutritional coaching service is delivered online.

You will be empowered with the knowledge to identify your current consumption habits and understand what your nutritional requirements are, allowing you to be more aware, make informed decisions and nourish yourself through your nutrition and eating habits. 

You will be empowered with practical strategies that will allow you to initiate positive, supportive healthy dietary changes that last a lifetime and contribute towards a healthier life for you. 

  • Would you like to know what nutrients your body really needs?

  • Would you like to understand how to read food labels?

  • Would you like to break poor eating habits and establish long-term healthy eating habits?

  • Do you want to clarify which food myths are true and which are not?

  • Do you want to learn how to source, buy and prepare delicious nutrient dense foods for you and your family?

  • Could you benefit from understanding how to balance your hormones naturally with food?

  • Do you want to learn how to lose excess body fat, manage your weight and improve your appearance?

  • Would you like to learn how to prepare healthy meals for you and your family?

  • Do you want to understand the psychology and influences behind your eating behaviour and how to make better choices? 

  • Do you have any questions about how to improve your wellness through nutrition?

Then this bespoke nutritional coaching service is for you

You will receive advice on the following topics where appropriate:

Nutritional analysis (based on your completion of a 7 day food diary)

Nutritional requirements

Nutrition for hormonal balance

Nutrition for fat loss & weight management

Intermittant fasting

Transitioning to plant based eating

Nutrition & exercise

Meal planning & recipes

Shopping lists & strategies

Understanding food labels

Food myths

Optimal nutrition lifestyle shifts

Psychology of healthy eating

Mindful & Intuitive eating

How it works


The plan is delivered with a combination of pre-designed content and bespoke elements-designed especially for you to suit your preferences and goals:

  • Upon registration you will receive an in-depth questionnaire as part of the screening process. You will also be prompted to complete a 7 day food diary during week 1,4 & 8. This will allow me to analyse your current eating habits and plan the personalised bespoke parts of the plan for you as an individual. You will then receive the following:

  • Pre-designed content covering nutritional requirements, nutrition and exercise, food labels, food myths, psychology of healthy eating and mindfulness.

  • Bespoke content for your specific goals covering nutrition for hormonal balance, weight management or any other specific goals.

  • Bespoke practical positive strategies to change your personal habits and support your goals.

  • Bespoke nutrition plan with nutrient dense meal plans, shopping lists, shopping strategies and recipes to optimise your nutrient consumption.

  • Mindful meditations to initiate positive change and support your healthy eating mindset. 

Terms & Conditions