Mighty Woman Group Training

An innovative group training method for women that maximises your potential for wellness by combining weekly face-to face exercise classes with online video content.

Do you want to feel more energised and full of vitality? 

Do you want to be fitter, stronger and more capable by improving your strength and stamina?

Do you want a workout that is fun, varied and challenging?

Do you want to sculpt your body, improve your posture and enhance your appearance?

Would you like to boost your metabolism and burn fat both during and after your workout?

Would you like to learn the best strategies for healthy eating, fat loss and weight management?

Do you want to learn some of the most effective functional fitness and wellness strategies for women?

Do you want to be supported to commit, show up and achieve your goals?

Do you want to benefit from the comraderie and social support of group training?

Then this Group Training session is for you! 


Mighty woman is not just your average exercise class, it is a lifestyle shift that combines face-to face classes with online content and accountability challenges to support you and help you to embed strategies that will transform your life!

Online content will cover coaching on:


Breathing, Posture & Movement

Pelvic Health & Core connections

Nutrition, Fat loss & weight management

Mindfulness, Meditations & Stress management

Goal Setting & Achievement

Fitness Testing & Body Assessments

The group exercise session combines strength training circuits with aerobic HIIT segments for a full body conditioning workout. 

You will transform your level of fitness by improving your strength, stamina, co-ordination, balance and physique whilst burning fat and improving your balance and coordination. 

You will use fun and effective equipment to challenge both your body and mind and keep you progressing.
This Group Training Session is for every woman. It doesn't matter what you current level of fitness or experience is as exercises can be modified (lower intensity) or progressed (higher intensity) and will offer both low and high impact options (where applicable) so that you can workout at the level of intensity, difficulty and speed that suits you and your level of fitness, experience and physical condition. 

As both the circuit and HIIT segments are worked in timed intervals you will be able to set your own pace and make this workout your own.​
If you are ready to exercise with intensity and achieve your fitness goals whilst enjoying an effective, challenging workout then this class is for you.

This session is not suitable for prenatal women or postnatal women up to 6mths postpartum:

In general classes will include the following practical segments:

Warm-up & mobilisation routine

Strength training circuits 


Stretch & release 

All exercise Technique is broken down so that it is easy to learn, hence no previous experience is necessary.

Please wear comfortable clothing, you are welcome to exercise in trainers, barefoot shoes or barefoot. 

Your Instructor is here to help and support you. If you have any questions please get in touch online, arrive to class early or linger afterwards for a chat. If you have any special considerations please ensure that you disclose them as soon as possible to your instructor. 

Prior to class you will complete the following:

Heath, fitness & lifestyle screening via an online form

Mighty Woman Monthly Membership £100

1 Group Training Session per week 

Starts 6-7pm Monday 3rd February 2020