Mama Loves Wellness

Postnatal Class & Online Course

10 Face to face group exercise classes suitable for postnatal women from 6 weeks post birth 

Please note that you must have have your postnatal 6 week check or been cleared for exercise by your GP

  • Do you want to learn the best strategies for recovery, rehabilitation and restoration?

  • Do you want to know why your posture and silhouette has changed since pregnancy and how to realign it?

  • Do you suffer from diastasis Recti and want to know how best to heal it?

  • Do you need advice about weak or overactive pelvic floor and incontinence issues?

  • Do you want to know what foods to eat to best facilitate your recovery and breastfeeding?

  • Do you need strategies to manage your weight?

  • Do you want to be proud of your postnatal body by making it fitter, stronger and healthier?

  • Do you have any questions and concerns regarding your postnatal body and recovery?

  • Would you like help managing stress?

  • Could you do with some encouragement and ideas for self-nurturing?

  • Do you have any questions about how to improve your postnatal wellness through exercise, nutrition or mindfulness?

Then this face-to-face postnatal group exercise class & online course is for you!

This Circuit class utilises progressive holistic strategies to best support a safe and effective journey towards functional strength, stamina, core and pelvic floor connection and body confidence. You willreceive your own personalised progression plan to ensure that you progress at your own pace.  We cater to postural correction, pelvic floor rehabilitation, diastasis recti, mummy tummy and full body conditioning. If you need help rehabilitating your body safely whilst dealing with the after-effects of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, then this class is for you.  You will also receive further support via a private facebook group.  

This class is programmed with a variety of alternative, progressive and regressive exercises/techniques so that you can exercise safely and effectively at the level that is appropriate for you.

Class sizes are limited to 10 participants so that attention can be given to each person.

This Postnatal class is designed using the most effective wellness strategies with a focus on holistic health and wellbeing. In general classes will include the following practical elements/segments:

Postural realignment coaching

Corrective breathing strategies & lateral breathing coaching

Warm-up: mobilisation & release routine

Postural realignment exercises

Strength & Stamina training

Integrated pelvic floor & core training

Cool down: myofascial release segment

Relaxation or revitaliser segment

As part of your Postnatal holistic support programme you will also receive the Mama Loves Wellness Postnatal Online Course for self-study at home which includes  a downloadable wellness workbook plus over 60 videos containing vital information and strategies on:

4th Trimester, Postnatal Anatomy & Physiology

Posture & alignment

Breathing & core activation

Pelvic floor recovery & health

Diastasis Recti diagnosis techniques & healing

Myofascial release strategies

Postnatal exercise guidelines

Nutrition for healing, breastfeeding & weight loss

Self-awareness & emotional intelligence

Mindfulness & meditation

Stress management strategies

Self Nurturing & restorative strategies

Lifestyle shifts for optimal postnatal wellness

3 Guided mindful meditations

Your Instructor is here to help and support you. If you have any questions please get in touch online, arrive to class early or linger afterwards for a chat. If you have any special considerations please ensure that you disclose them as soon as possible to your instructor. Prior to class you will complete the following:

Heath, fitness & lifestyle screening via online forms

Diastasis Recti diagnosis, postural analysis & breathing check: bookable by appointment on certain dates prior to the first class.

10 Weekly face-to-face group exercise classes + Mama Loves Wellness Postnatal Online Course

Next course starting 6pm-7pm on Monday 9th September - 11th November

1 x payment of £300

3 x monthly payments of £100