Prenatal Wellness Online Course

Face to face group exercise class suitable for pregnant women from 12 weeks 

Please note that you must have had your 12 week check and been cleared for exercise

  • Are you confused about what exercise is safe to do during pregnancy?

  • Are you suffering from muskuloskeletal pregnancy ailments and want to know how to ease them?

  • Do you have questions about nutrition and pregnancy weight management?

  • Do you want to be physically prepared for labour, birth and postnatal recovery?

  • Are you planning to breastfeed and want to know how to nourish your body?

  • Do you need ideas for relaxation and encouragement to take time out for self-care?

  • Do you have any questions about how to improve your prenatal wellness through exercise, nutrition or mindfulness?

Then this online wellness course is for you

This wellness course is specifically designed to support you through your pregnancy. You will experience a truly holistic approach to wellness covering hormones, physiology, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness.

You will be educated with the knowledge to understand what is happening with your mind and body, allowing you to make informed decisions. You will also be empowered with practical strategies that will allow you to navigate your way through your pregnancy and initiate positive, supportive lifestyle changes. 

You will receive advice on the following topics:

Functional core training

Pelvic floor preparation

Functional strength & stamina training

Release & mobilisation 

Nutrition for pregnancy

Nutrition for breastfeeding

Pregnancy lifestyle advice

Birth preparation strategies

Stress management

Postnatal lifestyle preparation

Mindful meditation

How it works


Once you purchase the course you will receive immediate access to the week one content.

Each week you will then receive access to the next weeks content until you complete the course on a weekly basis. 

This will allow you to digest the information and make lifestyle changes in manageable steps.

On a weekly basis you will receive:

Access to the private facebook support group

Prenatal optimal wellness video

Workout video




Motivational quote


Stay on track checklist


Wellness Online Course

8 Weeks