Wellness Workshops

Womens wellness workshops suitable for various life stages and wellness goals:

These workshops are delivered as a face-to-face group presentation and will cover a specific topic or holistic approach to wellness. They will be delivered at a local venue and can be booked by individuals, groups or organisations. 

Bring a pen and writing pad!

​These workshops are specifically designed to educate you, answer questions, provide effective strategies and share resources so that you are empowered to understand, navigate and manage your own way successfully through a particular life stage or achieve a wellness goal. You will understand what is happening with your mind and body, make informed decisions and be able to initiate positive, supportive and effective lifestyle changes.

The content covers a holistic approach to wellness including relevant topics such as hormones, physiology, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness. Content will draw from effective, no-nonsense strategies and the latest research.  No myths and fads-just honest, powerful information. 



The following workshops are currently offered

Please contact me if you would like a workshop designed on a specific topic that is not listed here

Preconception wellness workshop

Prenatal wellness workshop

Postnatal wellness workshop

Perimenopausal wellness workshop

Healthy lifestyle: exercise, nutrition and mindfulness workshop

Healthy eating & nutrition workshop

Weight management & fat loss workshop