Preconception Wellness Plan

  • Do you need clarity on what type and intensity of exercise best supports your chances of conception?

  • Would you like to know which foods nourish your body and build up the appropriate nutrient stores for conception?

  • Do you have questions and concerns about your preconception weight/BMI measurements?

  • Do you need encouragement and strategies to make healthy lifestyle changes?

  • Could you use some help managing stress and relaxing?

  • Do you have questions about how to improve your preconception wellness through exercise, nutrition or mindfulness?

Then this wellness plan is for you

You will receive advice on the following topics:

Strength & stamina training​

Nutrition for fertility

Nutrition for optimal weight/BMI

Preconception lifestyle 

Stress reduction & relaxation 

Pregnancy lifestyle preparation 

Mindful meditation

How it works


The plan is delivered with a combination of pre-designed content and bespoke elements-designed especially for you:

  • Upon registration you will receive an in-depth questionnaire as part of the screening process. This will allow me to plan the personalised bespoke parts of the plan for you as an individual.

  • You will then receive the pre-designed content covering hormones, physiology, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness.

  • You will receive a bespoke lifestyle plan with practical positive strategies to optimise your lifestyle and support your goals.

  • You will receive a bespoke nutrition plan with nutrient dense recipes.

  • You will receive a bespoke exercise plan with varied and exciting workouts. 

  • You will take part in bespoke face-to face personal training sessions (not online personal training).

Terms & Conditions


Wellness Plan

Personal Training

6 Sessions



Wellness Plan

Online Personal Training

6 Weeks