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Empowering & nurturing you through motherhood
Postnatal recovery is a journey that starts from the moment that you give birth to the moment that your body is rehabilitated. This period can take months, years or an entire lifetime and can deeply affect how you function as a woman and mother.
The best way to nurture your postnatal self is to take a self-nurturing, holistic approach and invest in yourself and your wellness. 
The sooner you do this the sooner you reap the benefits!

Get ready for the new improved you!

The ultimate motherhood wellness membership giving you access to group coaching, courses, challenges, community and support to maximise your wellness & wellbeing.

 Transformation Modules

Access these step-by-step results orientated courses and complete them online in your own time. To improve your wellness & wellbeing.

Online Workouts

Choose from a selection of HIIT, Strength, Barre, Yoga, Kettlebells, Stretch. Never get bored of moving your body.

Group Challenges

Take part in fully guided and coached annual Group challenges and resets to motivate you, help you take action and hold you accountable.


Connect with other women like you, so that you can support, motivate and inspire each other in our exclusive, members only Facebook Group.

 Transformation Library

Access to specially curated tools to support your journey.

E-books, guided meditations & recipe books.

group coaching 

& Support

1 Live Q&A session per week to answer your questions.

If you cannot attend the live submit your questions beforehand and watch the replay.

Who is this programme for?

Are you are fed up of living with postnatal symptoms or unsure of where to start and want to begin nurturing yourself so that you can feel fantastic?

Do you:

  • ​Want a bespoke programme specially designed to meet your personal situation, preferences and goals?

  • Want 1-1 sessions and highly focused attention that will specifically meet your needs? 

  • Want to know how to rest, restore and nurture yourself so that you have energy to look after your kids?

  • To retrain your body to be strong, fit and capable so that you can play with your baby/child? 

  • To learn the best strategies for postnatal recovery, rehabilitation and restoration?

  • Want a safe and gently progressive exercise programme to rehabilitate your body?

  • Want to heal your mummy tummy and lose excess fat so you can feel confident again?

  • Want to know why your posture and silhouette has changed since pregnancy and how to realign it?

  • Suffer from diastasis Recti and want to know how best to heal it?

  • Need advice about weak or overactive pelvic floor and incontinence issues?

  • Want to know what foods to eat to best facilitate your recovery and breastfeeding?

  • Need some simple stress management strategies?

  • Want to establish a self-nurturing plan so that you can feel rested and restored?

  • Would you like some insight into your postnatal emotional state and self-awareness?

  • Need some strategies to help you cope with postnatal lifestyle shifts?

  • Have any questions about how to optimise postnatal or motherhood wellness?


If your answer is yes then this Motherhood membership is for you!

Providing support, inspiration, education and community for you whether you have just given birth 10 days ago or 10 years ago.

It is so much easier to enjoy life, and take care of those you love when you are pouring from a full cup!

Self-nurturing is so important for us mums, we constantly give to others, do for others and often neglect ourselves-becoming the motherhood martyr who is suffering, worn out, spread too thin and who has lost her mojo.
Well it's time to change that narrative and do something wonderful for yourself. Because when you take care of yourself, life is so much better for you and everyone around you!

Get the results that you desire

Would you rather go it alone and dabble with a few hit and miss postnatal wellness tips and workouts ?

Or would you rather take the complete bespoke, holistic approach that will guide and support you through the process, get you results and positively transform your body, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle, all in one neatly packaged personalised solution?


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Mama Loves Wellness

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Achieve Your goals

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Intermittent Fasting

For You

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Take a look inside Mama Loves Wellness

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  1. 4th Trimester, Postnatal Anatomy & Physiology

  2. Posture & alignment

  3. Breathing, core synergy & Diastasis recti

  4. Pelvic health & recovery 

  5. Myofascial release strategies

  6. Postnatal exercise guidelines & Exercise routines

  7. Nutrition for healing, breastfeeding & weight loss

  8. Emotional intelligence, Mindfulness & Meditation

  9. Stress management &  restorative strategies

  10. Lifestyle shifts for optimal postnatal wellness

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Yes, You can do this!

Yes, You can commit to this programme even if you are time-limited, busy mum whose kids have overtaken the house. Because this programme will be crafted especially for you to fit into your life and around you and when you invest in restoring yourself the whole family benefits!
Yes, You can build a kick-ass body, be stronger than before and look fabulous, even if you’ve never set foot in a gym, haven’t worked out in years or literally ate for two during your pregnancy. Because I will start with you from where you are at- no judgement and progress you steadily and safely from there.
Yes, You can be that super-chilled, zen-filled, zoned out mama, even if stressed-out has become your default setting, you have a million and one things on your to-do list and your anxiety has you barking like a rabid dog one minute and sobbing like a baby the next.  
Yes, You can treat yourself to this premium programme even if it means ditching the weekly magazines & daily coffees, selling some junk on ebay, hinting for an early birthday gift or begging someone who loves you to hook a sista up (because this is the gift that will truly keep on giving). 

You can do this because I believe that deep inside you is the drive to transform your life! 

Who am I and how can I help you?

Hi my name is Maria Hilliard and I am a mother to two wonderful daughters. 

I know what it is like to have lived with multiple postnatal symptoms and to have concerns about how to safely rehabilitate my body, support my mental and emotional wellbeing, manage stress and gain body confidence all whilst trying to be a great mum with a busy schedule. 

That is why I poured my heart and soul into creating this amazing holistic wellness programme for you.


So that you too can be empowered to make positive lifestyle changes, that are quick and easy to embed and that are bespoke and specific to your postnatal journey, so that you can maximise your potential for wellness and wellbeing.

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By-the-way, I am also a Women Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Pre/Postnatal specialist, Yoga Instructor, Bellydance Instructor and Nutritional therapist. 

So you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

Enabling you to manage, alleviate and heal postnatal symptoms

Pelvic floor issues & incontinence

Poor posture & muskuloskeletal discomfort 

Excess bodyfat & mummy tummy

Lack of energy and chronic tiredness

Reduced body strength and stamina

Postpartum blues or postpartum depression

Stress, worry & anxiety

Loss of self & feeling over-stretched

Loneliness & feeling isolated

This is where I can help you to take control of your wellness and wellbeing, as a mum, and guide you towards feeling great and being your best self!

You can have all of that and transform your life, or you can go it alone and hope that you stumble across the right solutions

When you compare this combined programme to other postnatal Personal Training programmes there is truly nothing else out there that includes so many holistically integrated solutions, tools and strategies. It truly is a premium programme.

Even if you read 10 postnatal books and hired a regular personal trainer it would not get you these same resources and results and it would take a lot more time and trial an error, costing you time and causing frustration.

So do yourself and your family a favour. Invest in yourself.  Because we all know that when mums are healthy and happy the rest of the family is more likely to be too!

Why should you choose this programme? 

Are you wondering how this combined Wellness Coaching & Personal training Programme is different from the gazillion other solutions out there?

Well this is the only postnatal wellness programme that:

  • Is truly holistic and covers such a vast range of postnatal wellness topics and resources all delivered and supported via a highly trained and skilled Wellness & fitness professional who is also a mum so can better understand your situation

  • Teaches you the whys, whats and hows so that you truly understand why you are doing something

  • Provides safe and progressive postnatal rehabilitative exercise programmes that can include: Yoga, Barre, Body conditioning, Strength training HIIT and much more. 

  • Understands that mindset is a huge part of the self-nurturing process and provides guidance that will help you achieve success

  • Supports your journey not only with 12 weeks of weekly sessions and unlimited email support but also with an amazing holistic online Postnatal Wellness Course that you can have access to for life. 

  • Is very reasonably priced, especially when you consider the priceless worth of the positive transformations that you will enjoy.

Make your wellness and wellbeing a priority, put yourself first, for a change, and reap the benefits!

So what are you waiting for?

If you are not convinced by now that this 12 week programme has the power to positively change your life then I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

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How will my life improve when I commit to this programme?

What is my health, wellness and wellbeing worth?

Am I willing to put up with these symptoms for the rest of my life or potentially see them get worse?


Am I happy to stay in my current state of health and situation?

Or am I ready to invest in myself?

Sign up now and enhance your recovery!

Just like you, I now that as a mum it can be hard to spend money on yourself but I also know that you will learn strategies and solutions within the programme that will transform your life, you just need to give yourself permission to put yourself first for a change so that you and your family can reap the benefits of a healthier and happier mum!


You can get this amazing Membership for just £35 per month

or a single annual payment of £380

So don’t put off your wellness for one more day, get on board and restore yourself!

How it works


  1. Upon purchase you will receive an in-depth questionnaire & application form as part of the screening process and pre-consultation process.​

  2. We will set a schedule for your 12 regular weekly 1 hr zoom or in-person sessions.

  3. Your first weekly Zoom session will include a comprehensive consultation, screening and goals setting session. We may do a diastasis recti check, analyse your posture, analyse your breathing pattern and cover core connection as well as some basic movement and exercise technique depending upon your situation and goals. 

  4. You will then receive an outline of your bespoke wellness & exercise programme containing practical positive strategies to optimise your lifestyle and support your goals. This can be updated if you goals evolve at any time.

  5. After each meeting I will send across a summary of what we discussed/covered in the Zoom/in-person session. It will also include yourself self-nurturing (homework) assignments. This may include educational videos, enlightening activities, recipes and exciting workouts etc. 

  6. You will commit to completing your weekly self-nurturing assignments to embed the positive lifestyle habits that support your goals.

  7. Each week I will send you a regular check-in email to help keep you motivated and on track. 

Here's what will happen when you join

Sign up & Apply

Within minutes of signing up you will receive a welcome email in your inbox that will prompt you to submit your

PAR Q consultation form and outline the next phase of the process.

be supported

You can make full use of unlimited email support (Mon-Thurs) and can join the private Facebook Support Group, submit questions for the weekly Q&A sessions and connect with other mums.

feel amazing!

We will work together to design and implement your bespoke programme as you complete your weekly assignments and start to see results in all aspects of your wellness and wellbeing.


How does it work?
The programme is bespoke and the sessions can be delivered entirely online or in-person. Once you purchase the programme & submit your registration application I will be in touch to schedule your first session (Zoom or in-person). You will also receive an email that will provide you with the link to access the Mama Loves Wellness Online programme, with all of it's contents, and another link to join the exclusive Facebook Support Group. 
After your first session you will then receive your bespoke programme outline followed by weekly sessions, summary emails and check-in emails.
We will work together to ensure that your 12 week programme addresses your postnatal wellness & wellbeing goals.
I have just had my baby when can I start the programme?
You can start the wellness coaching component at any time during your postpartum journey.  This may include gentle physically focused exercises/routines such as breathing, pelvic floor, myofascial stretch routines and restorative yoga, suitable for this early stage of postnatal recovery. 
Once you have had your 6-8 postpartum check or 10 post cesarean section check and have been cleared for exercise by your medical practitioner then you can start an programme. 
In order to start and exercise programme you are advised to wait until you have had your 6-8 postpartum check or 10 week post-cesarean section check and have been cleared for exercise by your medical practitioner. 
I have just had my baby when can I start doing the exercise routines?
You are advised to wait until you have had your 6-8 postpartum check or 10 post cesarean section check and have been cleared for exercise by your medical practitioner. Once you have had that you can start phase 1-4 of the exercise routines. 
Before then you can start Phase 0 which is a Rest and Recovery phase with specific breathing, pelvic floor and myofascial routines suitable for this early stage of postnatal recovery.
I gave birth 2, 5, 10 years ago. Is this programme suitable for me or am I too late?
Once you have been pregnant and given birth you will forever be considered postnatal. The after effects of pregnancy and birth can last for years and indeed a lifetime if you don't do anything to manage and rectify them. So you are never too late-this programme tackles symptoms and lifestyle changes from the 4th trimester and beyond so will be of help to you at any stage in your postnatal journey.
What equipment do I need to be able to do the exercise routines?

The routines will be programmed for your specific circumstances, goals, and preferences. YWe will work closely together to create a programme that willbe safe, effectinve and enjoyable for you so it may encorporate: Dynamic yoga, Restorative Yoga, Strength Training, Interval training, Barre, Myofascial release, walking etc.

So you may be required to acquire any of the following types of equipment to get you started:

  • Full size exercise or yoga mat

  • Resistance bands pack (light-medium-heavy)

  • Loop resistance bands pack (light-medium-heavy)

  • Pair of 1-3KG dumbbells 

  • Pair of 5kg dumbbells or a 10kg kettlebell 

These can be fixed weight or adjustable dumbbells. As you gain strength and endurance you may wish to increase the weights 

My programme is amazing and I know someone who would really benefit from what has been designed for me. Can I share the content with her?

I am overjoyed that you wish to empower another woman and are keen to share your programme. However, I am also keen to protect the investment of you, other mums who have purchased the programme and myself, as a small business owner.

It is also a programme built especially for you so someone else may not get the same results.

So, if you find you are getting great results from your programme then I would ask that you please do not share the content and instead recommend my services and encourage other mums to invest in their wellness by purchasing it themselves. It is also often the case that when someone invests their own money in a resource they are much more likely to use it and reap the benefits.

How do the online sessions work?


Once we have scheduled a regular timeslot for your sessions. I will send you a link to your Zoom sessions. You just need to click the link and be ready for your session at least 5 minutes before the start time. As we will have weekly check-in emails we save time and so will usually spend only the first 5 minutes checking in (this can be longer if you prefer or have a specific issue to discuss).

We will then use the session to address your goals so this will most likely be doing a physical session/workout or working on special techniques that benefit from face-to-face interaction such as postural alignment, nutrition/meal planning and preparation, breathing, or discussing a topic that you would like to talk about.

How do I use the Mama Loves Wellness Online Course & Workbook?

You will be granted access to the Course & Workbook once you have been accepted onto the programme. You will have lifetime access and can peruse it at any time.

As part of your self-nurturing assignments you may be asked to watch certain videos or complete certain workbook tasks that particularly align with your goals. This will help you to apply the theory and embed the strategies that you learn into your everyday life and means that you receive coaching both during your live sessions and in-between.

Perusing the course in your own time may also help identify some aspects of your wellness and wellbeing that you want to work on in addition to your original goals.

How will I find the time to work through my programme?

Your programme is designed to be able to fit into your life, however if you have made the financial and energetic commitment to transform your life then I will also ask that you make the time commitment and schedule in at least 30 mins 5 days per week for movement, plus 30 minutes per day for wellness & wellbeing related activities & assignments. 

Remember that self-nurturing and wellness is all about making a stand for yourself and proritising your needs so you will need to assign some non-negotiable me-time to support your wellness and wellbeing.

Will I receive support during the programme?

Absolutely, I will be there every step of the way helping, supporting and motivating you. As soon as we commence your programme you will have unlimited email support Mon-Thurs (I generally don't  work Fri, Sat, Sun) wherein you can ask me anything you need to to support your journey.

What happens once I finish the programme?

Once you finish the Postnatal programme you can choose to continue working with me via monthly membership for  Wellness Coaching & Personal Training or you can check out my DIY Wellness Solutions or personally led Group Programmes.  

What if I purchase the programme and change my mind, can I return the programme and get a refund?

No, I do not offer refunds for Wellness Coaching & Personal Training for two reasons:

1. As soon as you submit your pre-screen/registration form I will start working on it to create an amazing bespoke service for you.

2. I only want you to purchase this programme if you are 100% eager and willing to commit to improving your welllness and wellbeing. I know that this programme can positively change your life but you will not experience that transformation if you do not commit to nurturing yourself.

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