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Empowering you to create a magical menopause journey

Reimagine the menopause and navigate it with grace and vitality!


1 x 90 minute live Zoom workshop

1x Symptom checklist

1 x Menopause Wellness Plan Template

2 Week Pop-up Facebook support group

2 x 30 min Live Q&A sessions

Bonus Content 
1 x Barre Balance workout video
1 x Yoga for menopause video
1 x Hormone boosting smoothie recipe
1 x Magical Menopause Guided Meditation MP3

Are you ready to take charge of your menopause journey?
Perimenopause and menopause represent a huge shift in your life, it is a time often associated with confusing advice, challenging symptoms, lack of support, embarrassment and struggles.
But what if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way?
What if we rewrite the narrative so that instead you empower yourself? So that you can approach and navigate your journey with a welcoming embrace, positive acceptance and the knowledge that perimenopause and menopause are an opportunity to know, nurture and love yourself more deeply than ever before.  

I invite you to join me as we delve into the topics and strategies that will empower you to navigate your way through perimenopause and menopause with grace and vitality, so that you can embrace your menopause journey.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Do you want to better understand the perimenopause and menopause life shift and know what to expect?

  • Do you want to know whether you are in perimenopause and have a handy symptom checklist?

  • Would you like to know the 8 wellness and lifestyle factors that you can modify to improve your experience of menopause?

  • Do you want a clear and unbiased introduction on both holistic and medicated menopause options?

  • Do you want to empower yourself to manage your menopause journey on your own terms and know how you can get the support that you need?

If you answered yes then this workshop is for you!

Be part of the empowered menopause movement

Who am I and how can I help you?

Hi my name is Maria Hilliard and I am a perimenopausal mother to two wonderful daughters. 

I started experiencing perimenopause symptoms soon after I stopped breast feeding my second daughter.

I was struck by a plethora of perimenopausal symptoms that affected my periods, metabolism, energy, appearance, mood, cognitive function and general experience of life as a woman and mother.


At times, I felt overwhelmed by the  perimenopause experience and so I became determined to take charge and figure out a way to best alleviate my symptoms and reignite my vitality for life. 

Fortunately, I was well prepared for the journey as I had trained with the UK's leading authority on holistic perimenopause & menopause education (Burrell Education) to enable me to help women, like you, navigate their way through this empowering and enlightening phase of life. 

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By-the-way, I am a Women Wellness Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Peri/Postmenpause specialist, Pre/Postnatal specialist, Yoga Instructor, Barre Instructor and Bellydance Instructor. 

So you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

How does it work?

Once you sign up you will receive an email providing you with full details on how to access the live workshop and access portal content.
You will be asked to complete a pre-workshop questionaire so that I can ensure that you get the most out of the workshop.
It will also include an invitation to join the pop-up Facebook support group and the dates of the FB Live Q&A sessions and instructions on how to submit questions in advance if you cannot attend the live.
On Saturday 10th & 17th July 2021 at 7pm the live Zoom workshops will take place.
It will include the following:
2 x 60 minute live Workshops
1 x Written worksheet assignment (to complete after the live workshop, in your own time)
1 x Menopause Symptom Checklist
14 Day access to a pop-up Facebook Support Group
2 x 30 minute Live Q&A sessions in the Facebook Support Group (after the workshop)
The videos from the live workshop and 2 live Q&A sessions will be added to the workshop portal so that you can watch the replays.

Bonus Content 
1 x Barre Balance workout video
1 x Yoga for menopause video
1 x Hormone boosting smoothie recipe
1 x Magical Menopause Guided Meditation audio

On Saturday 12th June 2021 the Facebook Pop-up Group will close and be archived but you will still have access to it and the live video content will also be accessible via the workshop portal.

Sign up now and look forward to your Magical Menopause!

You can join this empowering workshop for just £27

Take charge of your menopause journey!

Yes, you can do this! 

Even if you know nothing about menopause or are confused by the media coverage and myths. Because I will provide you with clear guidance, based on cutting-edge scientific evidence.


Even if you feel like you are too young for menopause because most women start to experience perimenopause in their 40's but some start in the their 30's and it's better to be prepared and empowered as soon as possible.

Even if you are on HRT because you will learn about all of the other holistic lifestyle factors that can positively improve your overall experience of menopause and boost your health, wellness and vitality.

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Here's what will happen when you join

Receive access

Within minutes of you joining you will receive a welcome email in your inbox that will provide you with the workshop details.

be supported

You will be invited to join the  private Pop-up Facebook Support Group, where you can submit questions and connect with me and other women.

take action!

Attend the live sessions, complete your bonus material (workouts, meditation, recipe) and submit your questions for extra support and clarity.


How does it work?
The workshop is delivered entirely online, so once you join you receive an email that will provide you with the link to access the content, and another link to join the Private Pop-up Facebook Support Group. 
So, you can join those live or watch the replays which will be uploaded to both the Facebook group and challenge portal.  You will have access to the content thereafter in the online course/challenge portal.
Do I have to attend the live sessions?
You are strongly advised to show up to the live sessions to benefit from the live interaction and have the opportunity to ask me questions. But all live sessions will be available for you to watch in your own time after the session as the video will be added to the challenge content portal so that you can watch the replay. So, if you cannot attend you will not miss out on any content. 


Will I receive support?

Yes, when you purchase the workshop you will receive an email confirmation that will invite you to join an exclusive pop-up Facebook group. 

  • I will deliver 2 live Q&A sessions (1 per week) to answer your pre-submitted or live questions.

  • You will have access to the pop-up group for 2 weeks until the 1st August 2021.

You are encouraged to interact within the group and connect with other women as much, or as little, as you like.

What equipment do I need to be able to do the exercise/yoga routine?

You will need an exercise/yoga mat or carpeted/non-slip area of floor.

You have the option to add in 2 x 1kg dumbells for the Barre balance Workout.

Both exercise sessions are delivered a pre-recorded content so you can do these in your own time.

Once the Pop-up Facebook Group closes how will I access the content?

The Facebook pop-up group will be archived and so you will still be able to view historic posts. All content provided as part of the workshop will be available in your workshop portal for as long as I am in business.

I am Post menopause will this workshop help me?
Absolutely, we will cover 8 holistic wellness factors that you can manage to boost your health wellness and vitality these apply to perimenopause and post menopause life.

Can I share the content with someone else?

No, I must protect the investment of you, other mums who have purchased the programme and myself, as a small business owner. So, if you find the content valuable then please do not share the content and instead, encourage others to invest in their own wellness by purchasing it themselves.

What if I purchase the workshop and then change my mind, can I get a refund?

No, I do not offer refunds. I suggest that you only purchase the workshop if you are committed to taking charge of your menopause journey.

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