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The essential online holistic Postnatal recovery and motherhood wellness programme


Supporting you through your postnatal journey and helping you feel great: physically, mentally and emotionally!
Empowering you to flourish as a postnatal woman
Postnatal recovery is a journey that starts from the moment that you give birth to the moment that your body is rehabilitated. This period can take months, years or an entire lifetime and can deeply affect how you function as a woman and mother.
The best way to nurture your postnatal self is to take a self-nurturing, holistic approach and invest in yourself and your wellness. 
The sooner you do this the sooner you reap the benefits!

Who is this programme for?

Are you are fed up of living with postnatal symptoms or unsure of where to start and want to begin nurturing yourself so that you can feel fantastic?

Do you:

  • ​Want to learn the best strategies for recovery, rehabilitation and restoration?

  • Want a safe and gently progressive exercise programme to rehabilitate your body?

  • Want to know why your posture and silhouette has changed since pregnancy and how to realign it?

  • Suffer from diastasis Recti and want to know how best to heal it?

  • Need advice about weak or overactive pelvic floor and incontinence issues?

  • Want to know what foods to eat to best facilitate your recovery and breastfeeding?

  • Need strategies to shed excess fat and manage your weight?

  • Need some simple stress management strategies?

  • Want to establish a self-nurturing plan?

  • Would you like some insight into your postnatal emotional state and self-awareness?

  • Need some strategies to help you cope with postnatal lifestyle shifts?


If your answer is yes then this programme is for you!

It is suitable for you if you have been pregnant and are in the 4th trimester post birth or up to 10 years of postnatal recovery.

It is so much easier to enjoy life, and take care of those you love when you are pouring from a full cup!

Self-nurturing is so important for us mums, we constantly give to others, do for others and often neglect ourselves-becoming the motherhood martyr who is suffering, worn out, spread too thin and who has lost her mojo.
Well it's time to change that narrative and do something wonderful for yourself. Because when you take care of yourself, life is so much better for you and everyone around you!

How this programme will help you

​This wellness programme is specifically designed to empower and support you through your postnatal recovery. 

You will experience a truly holistic approach to wellness by learning about self-nurturing, physiology, pelvic floor recovery, exercise, nutrition, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, lifestyle and much more.

You will be educated with the knowledge to understand what is happening with your mind and body, allowing you to make informed decisions to maximise your wellness. 

You will be empowered with practical strategies that will allow you to navigate your way safely through your postnatal recovery and initiate positive, supportive lifestyle changes. 


You can work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home and focus on the elements of the course that are most important for you and your personal recovery.

This programme will positively transform your life!


  1. 4th Trimester, Postnatal Anatomy & Physiology

  2. Posture & alignment

  3. Breathing, core synergy & Diastasis recti

  4. Pelvic health & recovery 

  5. Myofascial release strategies

  6. Postnatal exercise guidelines & Exercise routines

  7. Nutrition for healing, breastfeeding & weight loss

  8. Emotional intelligence, Mindfulness & Meditation

  9. Stress management &  restorative strategies

  10. Lifestyle shifts for optimal postnatal wellness

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The essential guide to holistic Postnatal recovery and wellness

Helping you feel great: physically, mentally and emotionally!

The programme includes:

75 Wellness Videos

25 Exercise Videos

25 Recipes

3 Guided Meditations

1 workbook

Imagine what this programme can do for you......

  • Reduce or eradicate urinary incontinence so that you can lift, laugh, run, jump and play with your kids without fear of peeing your pants.

  • Reduce or heal diastasis recti so that you can have a stronger core, and reduce the belly bulge.

  • Improve symptoms of prolapse so that you can be relieved of symptoms, and reduce the risk or further prolapse

  • Improve your posture so that you no longer suffer from back, neck and shoulder ache, look great, and stand/move with confidence and poise

  • Give you back confidence in your body as you breath better, move better and have more strength, stamina and vitality to enjoy life!

  • Manage stress so that you don't feel like a nervous wreck all of the time

  • Find peace so that you can be a chilled out tranquil mama

  • Prioritise self-nurturing so that you can fill your cup and no longer feel over-stretched and burnt out.

  • Nourish your body so that you can feel energised, healthy and enjoy sharing nutrient dense, wholefood, home-cooked meals with your family

  • Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence so you control your emotional responses rather than have them control you.

  • Cope with lifestyle changes and have those crucial conversations that will bring you and your family closer together as a unified support network.

This programme is absolutely jam packed with tools and strategies that will change your life!

Take a look inside the programme

Enabling you to manage, alleviate and heal postnatal symptoms

Pelvic floor issues & incontinence

Poor posture & muskuloskeletal discomfort 

Excess bodyfat & a change in fat distribution

Lack of energy and chronic tiredness

Reduced body strength and stamina

Postpartum blues or postpartum depression

Stress, worry & anxiety

Loss of self & feeling over-stretched

Loneliness & feeling isolated

This is where I can help you to take control of your wellness and wellbeing, as a mum, and guide you towards feeling great and being your best self!

Who am I and how can I help you?

Hi my name is Maria Hilliard and I am a mother to two wonderful daughters. 

I know what it is like to have lived with multiple postnatal symptoms and to have concerns about how to safely rehabilitate my body, support my mental and emotional wellbeing, manage stress and gain body confidence all whilst trying to be a great mum. 

That is why I poured my heart and soul into creating this amazing holistic wellness programme for you.


So that  you too can be empowered to make positive lifestyle changes specific to your postnatal journey, and maximise your potential for wellness.

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By-the-way, I am also a Women Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Pre/Postnatal specialist, Yoga Instructor, Bellydance Instructor and Nutritional therapist. 

So you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

Yes, You can do this!

Yes, You can build a kick-ass body, be stronger than before and look fabulous, even if you’ve never set foot in a gym, haven’t worked out in years or literally ate for two during your pregnancy.
Yes, You can be that super-chilled, zen-filled, zoned out mama, even if stressed-out has become your default setting, you have a million and one things on your to-do list and your anxiety has you barking like a rabid dog one minute and sobbing like a baby the next.  
Yes, You can treat yourself to this premium programme even if it means ditching the weekly magazines & daily coffees, selling some junk on ebay, hinting for an early birthday gift or begging someone who loves you to hook a sista up (because this is the gift that will truly keep on giving). 

You can do this because I believe that deep inside you is the drive to transform your life! 

Get the results that you desire

Would you rather dabble in a few hit and miss postnatal workout videos?

Or would you rather take the complete holistic approach that will guide you through the process, get you results and positively transform your body, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle, all in one neatly packaged solution?

You can have all of that and transform your life, or you can go it alone and hope that you stumble across the right solutions

When you compare this course to other postnatal memberships or programmes there is truly nothing else out there that includes so many solutions, tools and strategies. It truly is a premium programme.

Even hiring a personal trainer would not get you these same resources and results (unless of course that personal trainer was me) and it would cost you more than tripple the cost of this programme.

So do yourself and your family a favour. Invest in yourself.  Because we all know that when mums are healthy and happy the rest of the family is more likely to be too!

Why should you choose this programme? 

Are you wondering how this is different from the gazillion other solutions out there? Well this is the only postnatal wellness programme that:

  • Is truly holistic and covers such a vast range of postnatal wellness topics and resources 

  • Teaches you the whys, whats and hows so that you truly understand why you are doing something

  • Contains a safe and progressive rehabilitative exercise programme split into 4 clearly defined phases

  • Understands that mindset is a huge part of the self-nurturing process and provides guidance that will help achieve success

  • Supports your journey with a beautiful workbook to ensure that you embed the strategies that will improve the quality of your life 

  • Is reasonably priced, especially when you consider the priceless worth of the transformations that you will enjoy.

Make your wellness and wellbeing a priority, put yourself first, for a change, and reap the benefits!

So what are you waiting for?

If you are not convinced by now that this programme has the power to positively change your life then I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

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How will my life improve when I commit to this programme?

What is my health, wellness and wellbeing worth?

Am I willing to put up with these symptoms for the rest of my life or potentially see them get worse?


Am I happy to stay in my current state of health and situation?

Or am I ready to invest in myself?

Sign up now and enhance your recovery!

Just like you, I am a savvy spender. I hunt for the bargains, the deals, the extra offer that will tip the scales. And because I’m feeling generous and genuinely want to see you achieve your postnatal wellness goals then I have a special offer for you.


You can get this amazing programme for just £200

(or 4 monthly installments of £50)

So don’t be caught napping, get on board and create the life that you want!

Get ready for the new improved you!

Imagine yourself one year from now and you have completed this programme, you wake up feeling positive about your day - looking forward to your awesome self-nurturing plan that you have  refined over the past year. You start the day with some breathing to centre yourself-its an automatic habit now and you instantly feel calm yet energised.


You do your favourite workout with a focus on moving meditation and finish feeling strong, supple and energised. You follow it up with a simple, delicious nutrient dense breakfast and see that you already have lunch and dinner batch prepared in the fridge-yes!-no more cooking required today.

You shower and take the time for some active meditation using your favourite scented body wash that you gifted yourself as part of your self-pampering routine. As you dry yourself off you notice how your body has become more sculpted and more shapely and your posture is strong, confident and free from the old aches and pains. Slipping on something that you love to wear you realise that you feel fabulous and you have been feeling this way for quite some time.

You skip out of the door well nourished, calm, centered, strong and capable knowing that your body and mind are primed for the day. And no matter what the day brings you are well equipped to deal with it:

  • That extra-large smoothie won’t have you running for the nearest toilet-your pelvic floor can handle it- no more inconvenient leaks for you!

  • Chasing after your toddler and playing games with your kid no longer has you out of breath or groaning with muscular aches and pains.

  • That queue that is a mile long wont have you cursing and huffing-you know how to make any moment a positive pause for mindfulness.

  • That irritating person who pushes your buttons won’t flip your switch- you know yourself and your stress triggers and have developed a more measured emotional response.

  • Those commitments that try to pull you in every direction they won’t get a look in until you are ready and willing because you have learnt to prioritise your own needs and schedule non-negotiable time for yourself.

This could be your life after Mama Loves Wellness!

Here's what will happen when you purchase

Receive access

Within minutes of you joining you will receive a welcome email in your inbox that will provide you with the programme access details.

be supported

You can make full use of the private Facebook Support Group, submit questions for the weekly Q&A sessions and connect with other mums.

feel amazing!

As you apply the strategies, use the workbook and start to exercise safely, effectively and regularly you will start to see results in all aspects of your wellness and wellbeing.


How does it work?
The programme is delivered entirely online, so once you purchase the programme you receive an email that will provide you with the link to access the programme, with all of it's contents, and another link to join the exclusive Facebook Support Group. 
You can then delve into the programme and work through it in order or go straight to the theory topics and phased workouts that best meet your current needs.  You work through the programme in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.
I have just had my baby when I start doing the exercise routines?
You are advised to wait until you have had your 6-8 postpartum check or 10 post cesarean section check and have been cleared for exercise by your medical practitioner. Once you have had that you can start phase 1-4 of the exercise routines. 
Before then you can start Phase 0 which is a Rest and Recovery phase with specific breathing, pelvic floor and myofascial routines suitable for this early stage of postnatal recovery.
I gave birth 2, 5, 10 years ago. Is this programme suitable for me or am I too late?
Once you have been pregnant and given birth you will forever be considered postnatal. The after effects of pregnancy and birth can last for years and indeed a lifetime if you don't do anything to manage and rectify them. So you are never too late-this programme tackles symptoms and lifestyle changes from the 4th trimester and beyond so will be of help to you at any stage in your postnatal journey.
I am currently pregnant, should I wait until I have given birth to purchase this programme?
Purchasing the programme when you are pregnant is a fantastic way to prepare yourself for your postnatal recovery as you will giving yourself a headstart. There is an entire module on the 4th trimester so you will know what to expect and you will be able to absorb lots of the theoretical content before baby arrives.
What equipment do I need to be able to do the exercise routines?

The routines use minimal equipment however you will need the following to get you started:

  • Full size exercise or yoga mat

  • Resistance band (light-medium)

  • Pair of 1-3KG dumbbells 

  • Pair of 5kg dumbbells or a 10kg kettlebell 

These can be fixed weight or adjustable dumbbells. As you gain strength and endurance you may wish to increase the weights 

The content is amazing and I know someone who would really benefit from it too. Can I share the content with her?

I am overjoyed that you wish to empower another woman and are keen to share this invaluable knowledge. However, I am also keen to protect the investment of you, other mums who have purchased the programme and myself, as a small business owner. So, if you find the content valuable then I would ask that you please do not share the content and instead encourage others to invest in their wellness by purchasing it themselves. It is also often the case that when someone invests their own money in a resource they are much more likely to use it and reap the benefits.

How do the exercise routines work?

The Exercise routines are organised into 4 progressive phases. These phases contain videos for you work out alongside. You also have a written workout guide (PDF) to outline the content of each phase and how to progress through the phases safely.
Everyone is advised to start with phase 1 and progress at their own rate by following the guidelines in the workout guide.

How do I use the workbook?

The workbook will help you to apply the theory and embed the strategies that you learn into your everyday life. It is a downloadable PDF which can be printed. Each chapter coincides with a module on the programme. You are advised to work through the corresponding workbook chapter alongside or after watching the video. 

How will I find the time to work through the programme?

The course content is extensive and all of it is valuable but you can work through it at your own pace and prioritise the sections that resonate most with your needs and your journey. 
Remember that self-nurturing and wellness is all about making a stand for yourself and proritising your needs so you will need to assign some non-negotiable time to support your wellness and wellbeing.

Will I receive support during the programme?

When you purchase the programme you will receive an email confirmation that will invite you to join an exclusive members only support and social group. 

  • I will pop into the group several times per week to respond to queries and questions

  • Post weekly motivational tips

  • Post articles and links to support your journey

You are encouraged to interact within the group and connect with other mums on the programme but please feel free to use it or not as best suits you.

What if I purchase the programme and then change my mind, can I return the programme and get a refund?

No, I do not offer refunds for Wellness Coaching & Personal Training for two reasons:

1. As soon as you submit your pre-screen/registration form I will start working on it to create an amazing bespoke service for you.

2. I only want you to purchase this programme if you are 100% eager and willing to commit to improving your welllness and wellbeing. I know that this programme can positively change your life but you will not experience that transformation if you do not commit to nurturing yourself.