We educate and empower women to make healthy lifestyle changes by nurturing their bodies and minds throughout their vital life stages:



Peri & post menopausal

We focus on holistic health and wellness, taking a whole-person approach to best facilitate success. We coach women through several aspects of health and wellbeing: 

The benefits of functional movement and exercise

The joy and self-expression of creative movement and dance

The creation of delicious, nutrient-dense food and drinks 

The enlightenment of self-awareness and Mindfulness

The strategies for stress relief and restorative self-care

We are here to help you via several services:

Group exercise classes

Personal training

Online courses  

Specialised workshops

We help you maximise your potential for wellness

We provide you with strategies that can positively change your life

We motivate you to make changes and commit to achieving your goals

We educate you so that you know what to do, when to do it and why you are doing it

We coach you with effective, safe strategies and empower you to take ownership for your progress  

We support you so that you stay on track and get the results you want

We make your wellness our priority

We meet you where you are at-no judgement-only positive encouragement 

We answer your questions and demystify wellness

We empower you with the knowledge and tools to make positive life-long changes

We share the strategies that work-no nonsense and no time-wasting

We support you and encourage you to make time for yourself

We champion you to have self-belief and to achieve your goals

All Women

Personal Training

Online Personal Training


Bellydance Class

HIIT Class

Core Connections Course

Pelvic Health Course

Online Nutrition Coaching

Vitality for life online membership



Functional core training

Pelvic floor preparation

Functional strength & stamina training

Release & mobilisation routines

Nutrition for pregnancy

Nutrition for breastfeeding

Pregnancy lifestyle advice

Birth preparation strategies

Postnatal lifestyle preparation

Mindful meditations


Posture realignment

Release & mobilisation routines 

Pelvic floor recovery

Diastasis Recti diagnosis & healing

Strength & stamina training

Nutrition for healing 

Nutrition for breastfeeding

Nutrition for Weight loss

Stress management & self nurturing

Mindful meditations

Peri & Post menopausal


Bone strengthening training

Release & mobilisation routines

Suppleness & flexibility training

Pelvic floor health

Nutrition for hormonal balance

Nutrition for weight management

Optimal lifestyle shifts

Stress reduction & restorative activities

Mindful meditations

Invest in yourself and infuse your life with vitality

Self-nurturing can be a part of your daily life, taking the time to holistically heal, strengthen and fortify your body through envigorating movement, nutritious foods, joyful dance and peaceful mindfulness will empower you to live your life optimally and joyfully.

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