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'Introduction to Postnatal Wellness' 

Discover the Postnatal priorities that you should be focusing on to:

rest, heal, restore and retrain your body and mind safely and effectively!

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You will learn:

Day 1: Postnatal priorities - the key priorities that will support your recovery
Day 2: Optimal alignment - how your posture is affected by pregnancy and how this can affect many other aspects of your health and wellbeing
Day 3: Breathing correctly - how your breathing pattern can affect your ability to heal, pelvic floor function and stress responses
Day 4: Pelvic Floor health & recovery - healing your pelvic floor and its affects on continence
Day 5: Benefits of postnatal exercise - why exercise is key to solving issues with posture, pelvic floor, self-image and stress management. 
Day 6: Introduction to emotional intelligence - how self-awareness is key to managing and optimising your emotional responses
Day 7: Inside 'Mama Loves Wellness Postnatal' Programme: take a look inside the ultimate holistic postnatal wellness programme

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E Empowering You to flourish

Postnatal recovery is a journey that starts from the moment that you give birth to the moment that your body is rehabilitated. This period can take months, years or an entire lifetime and can deeply affect how you function as a woman and mother.
The best way to nurture your postnatal self is to take a self-nurturing, holistic approach and invest in yourself and your wellness. 
The sooner you do this the sooner you reap the benefits!
Hi my name is Maria and I am  fortunate to be the mother to two wonderful daughters. 

I know that you may have multiple concerns about your postnatal wellness and wellbeing, like:
how to safely rehabilitate your body, support your mental and emotional wellbeing, manage stress and gain body confidence, all whilst trying to be a great mum! 

That is why I created this min-course, so that I can share the solutions to postnatal recovery will you!
So sign up, grab a cup of tea and settle down for a few tips, that can help you maximise your postnatal wellness.

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