Barre Balance Class

Do you want to sculpt your entire body body, improve your posture and enhance your appearance?

Do you want to stretch, strengthen, tone and build stamina in your muscles?

Would you like to lose weight, boost your metabolism and burn fat both during and after your workout?

Do you need more energy, vitality and want to put a spring in your step?

Do you want an effective workout that is fun and challenging?

Do you want to achieve all of this whilst enjoying uplifting music?

Then this class is for you! 


This Barre Balance class combines the precision and grace of ballet with functional movement for a full body conditioning workout. 

We incorporate full range of movement to improve your functional strength and flexibility as well as the static isometric and small contractions that barre is well known for that make you shake, feel the burn and tone your body whilst you improve your muscular endurance. We also include a cardiovascular segment with both low and high impact options so that you can improve your cardiovascular fitness.

You will transform your body by improving your balance, flexibility, posture and strength as you sculpt your core, arms, legs and bottom. 

This fun, fat burning class is set to great music and will feature both barre, freestanding and mat based exercise routines and include a variety of small resistance training equipment.

If you enjoy graceful movement and want to have fun whilst achieving an effective workout that will realign and rebalance your body then this class is for you.

This Barre class is suitable for women during all life stages:

preconception, prenatal (after 12 week check if already attending), postnatal, peri & post menopausal

In general classes will include the following segments:

Warm-up & mobilisation routine

Arms resistance 

Exercises at the barre

Exercises without the barre

Small equipment: balls etc.

Core exercises on the mat  

Stretch & suppleness routine

Technique is broken down so that it is easy to learn, hence no previous experience is necessary.

Please wear form fitting clothes and be prepared to exercise barefoot or in pilates/yoga socks.

Your Instructor is here to help and support you. If you have any questions please get in touch online, arrive to class early or linger afterwards for a chat. If you have any special considerations please ensure that you disclose them as soon as possible to your instructor. 

Prior to class you will complete the following:

Heath, fitness & lifestyle screening PAR Q online form

 Barre Balance Monthly Membership £42

1 class per week

Limited spaces!


I do a lot of weight training so wasn't expecting it to feel as intense as it did. I loved it though as it showed me how you can get an amazing workout just using body weight.

I enjoyed how much it required me to be mindful and conscious of my body. There is a lot to think about and because of that I found I was having to engage everything which meant I really felt the burn.

I was very pleased with the class, the pace was ideal, not too fast or slow, it was structured well and a full body workout!


Correcting my posture was great, I really noticed the difference in the workout because I was told about which way your hips should be etc.


100% recommend, far better than classes I’ve been to at the gym!

It was more energetic than I thought it would be, and I worked harder than I thought I would.

The music was great, the exercises were fun as I learned about some simple ballet moves.


Maria was very welcoming and friendly and it didn’t matter if I went a bit wrong!! She checked our form which a lot of teachers don’t seem to do. She was attentive and fun and explained everything well!

Maria was really informative and engaging and made it really relaxed and fun whilst making sure our form was good and we were safe.


Her kind nature, energy and warmth just made it a lovely environment which is great when you're trying something new.